What does health insurance means?

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What Does Health Insurance Means?

Health insurance offers you the best way to manage the cost of health care services. Health care companies only request monthly premiums from you – a fixed amount is required each month which helps to take care of all of your health care expenses. It also covers your regular checkups with your primary care, or specialist for example, and any treatment for injuries or long-term illnesses.

To get started, you may sign up on your own to obtain health insurance via the Health Insurance Marketplace. Even if it’s referred to as “Individual health insurance”, your family members can also be covered.

Considering the fact that health care is expensive, it is essential for you and your family to obtain health insurance, in order to cover the expenses in case of an emergency, or any type of medical attention  that might be needed.

Why should I have individual health insurance?

What purpose does an individual health insurance serve?

Prepares you for the unexpected. You cannot determine when you will need medical attention, so with a health insurance plan you will have the piece of mind that you’re protected.

Helps you stay healthy. There are several preventive health care services available, such as checkups, and they are covered 100%.

It’s required by the law. According to the Affordable Care Act, you may be deemed for a penalty or fine if you do not enroll in any type of qualified health care coverage.


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